About Us

Lola Nottinh Hill Seville

Hi, I am Lola I have a degree in education (pedagogy) from the University of Seville and part of my studies included an Erasmus placement in Finland, the leading country for education. There I was able to experience an exemplary system of education and I came to fully understand the importance of personalised teaching for the adequate development and learning of the student.

Inma Notting Hill Seville

Hi, I am Inma I graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Seville. Upon completing these studies I mastered in education as well as completing a specialised course in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, starting my teaching degree in 2004. I have taught students of all levels and nationalities (Japanese, English, American, and French etc), and I have been able to develop my teaching abilities in the field which interests me the most: the teaching of Spanish.

Our History

We are childhood friends, who share not only friendship but a love for teaching. Our enthusiasm, energy, passion for education, experience and entrepreneurial spirit allowed us to venture into creating a language academy in 2005. At first Notting Hill was an English academy for children, youths and adults but over time we have expanded and now offer other languages such as French, German, Italian, Japanese etc, as well as support classes for primary, secondary and baccalaureate age students.

Another of our ventures which was implemented successfully was Spanish as a foreign language and there is no better reward than seeing a foreign student capable of learning a language and being able to develop their understanding of different contexts as well as the culture that surrounds us.

Working together for nearly a decade, comes with its difficulties but more importantly with many rewards: in particular the smiles and gratitude of our students.

Student opinion

Hear what our Spanish students think about us. This testimonies are from Notting Hill students that shared a few words about their experience with us and we will always be thankful.

If you are in Seville and looking for Spanish classes, I highly recommend Notting Hill Academy.  Excellent prices, wonderful customer service, and flexible schedules are some of the reasons why Notting Hill is
wonderful…but most importantly, you will get a great Spanish language education from the fantastic teachers on staff.
Each teacher that I have had the joy of learning from at Notting Hill has been wonderful. The classes are small and conducted entirely in Spanish.  I always felt at ease and never felt embarrassed about making a mistake or having to ask the meaning of words.  The teachers are all experienced in working with international students, so everyone will learn about the local culture and customs as well as the language.

I return to Notting Hill each time I am in Spain because of the excellent quality of education that I receive.  The Notting Hill staff is my family in Los Remedios.

Kate Brooks
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

When you want to sail around the world and write about it as a journalist, you need to speak Spanish. When we left Holland in 2013, we had only basic knowlegde. During our five month stay in Sevilla, we went to Notting Hill Spanish school to learn more. Due to the personal attention, practical homework and intensity of the course, we could pick it up relatively easy. A year later, we live in South America and enjoy conversations and interviews with many interesting people. In Spanish, thanks to Lola and her staff!

Wietze van der Laan and Janneke Kuysters

Lan and Lola Notting Hill Sevilla
My name is Lan and I am Chinese. I arrived to Spain to study Finance and Accounting in January 2011. I have only studied Spanish for eight months, therefore, the language is a handicap for me. Before beginning my internship at Notting Hill Academy, I was very nervous and worried that I would make mistakes and that they wouldn´t understand me. However, when I started, I fell in love with the place. My advisors, Lola and Inma, explained how the academy worked and its functions with a lot of patience. They also encouraged me to attend to the clients in person as well as on the phone, this way being able to practice my Spanish and permitting me to get more involved in this professional environment. I worked everyday with Lola and Inma by my side. If I didn’t understand what they asked of me, they would calmly explain and help in any way possible. With each new student inscription, I have felt great. Even though, I was only an intern, I feel like part of the Notting Hill family.